Stockholms Handelskammare - New Networking Group for Our International Business Women

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New Networking Group for Our International Business Women

Publicerad 18 september 2018 08:06 Uppdaterad 20 september 2018 01:40
Tatiana is an international business lawyer based in Stockholm and is the network group leader for International Women in Business. We talked to her about the inspiration behind starting a networking group and what they do at the meetings.

What inspired you to start a networking group?¬†‚ÄĮ¬†
I joined the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce with my company Latin Desk Consulting, with the goal of finding potential Swedish investors as well as business partners. I thought finding those partners would be easier having a networking group with international professionals living in Sweden who do¬†business abroad like myself.¬†Therefore, I decided to start¬†the group called International Women¬†In¬†Business in collaboration with the Chamber. Now, eight months in, our group of international business women, entrepreneurs, lawyers and everything in between, is thriving and expanding.‚ÄĮ¬†
What do you do during the meetings? 

Besides brainstorming,¬†networking,¬†sharing knowledge,¬†and¬†discussing how to solve challenging business procedures,¬†I¬†usually¬†invite a guest speaker who shares knowledge on a specific issue which can benefit us all.‚ÄĮ Last time we had an expert in finances,¬†Hanna¬†Raftell¬†from Opti, who taught us how to take control of our finances and make¬†long-term smart investments.¬†I¬†have¬†invited another phenomenal women, working in the fashion industry¬†to our last meeting in December.¬†¬†

What¬†are you planning to do?‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†

The¬†idea is to keep the network relevant and¬†proactive.‚ÄĮ¬†For this, we need to engage with different stakeholders as well as find synergies with other networks i.e., in tech, finance, hospitality industry, cultural¬†exchanges¬†as well as promote¬†corporate social responsibility¬†which¬†is also part of the agenda. We are also discussing to host a Gala event to raise funds for¬†a¬†charity that make sense for IWIB to support, i.e.: ‚ÄúDress for Success‚ÄĚ, which helps jobless women from low income areas get ready from head to toe for an interview.‚ÄĮ All these plans I see¬†being¬†executed¬†in 2019.‚ÄĮ ‚ÄĮ¬†
What are you looking forward to personally?‚ÄĮ¬†

To¬†learn how to¬†better manage my time.‚ÄĮThere are so many things I want to accomplish at all levels. Being a better mom and get more involved with my children's school activities, spending more quality time with my family, as well with myself by being more disciplined when it comes to finding time to hit the gym or take longer¬†walks¬†with our dog.¬†
Why should one join this networking group? 

IWIB is an inclusive group where it does not matter what generation, industry or experience level you have. We are eager to hear about you and your business, international experience, share knowledge, support each other and foster success. 

Through my years of living in Sweden, I have joined many¬†networking¬†events where I have met many women who, like me, had left prominent careers to move to Sweden, a country where there is little room for foreign professionals to choose where to work or switch careers, unless¬†you¬†are, look and/or act like a Swede. Having a good education and international work experience doesn‚Äôt seem to be enough. Therefore, IWIB also offers an open forum where these challenges can be addressed. ‚ÄĮ

About Tatiana Caldas 

Tatiana is an international business lawyer based in Stockholm. She was born and raised in Colombia and comes from a family of lawyers. After graduating law school, Tatiana worked as a legal advisor for the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, worked closely with foreign direct investments and technology transfer projects at the Colombian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) and worked for the law firm Eversheds-Shuterland headquaters in London.

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