Stockholms Handelskammare - International WomenÂŽs Day

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Evenemang / International WomenÂŽs Day

International WomenÂŽs Day

8 March
Business Advantage
Embracing A New, Powerful Time For Women

Remember how perfect everything was for professional women before Covid set us back 30 years?  

Of course not.  

Because it wasn’t! 

Frankly, the Good Girl Syndrome, Systemic Disadvantages and Achievement Obsession have made us sick, tired, and held back for a long time.  

For The International Day of Women 2021, the Founder of Mindfulness IntelligenceŸ, Linda Bjork, will show us what we can do - right now - to make the trajectory for women in leadership bend towards awesomeness. Winning in life without losing yourself is actually a skillset that can be learned.  

Mindfulness IntelligenceŸ is a leadership system that have taught thousands of women how to rise up and learn super human tools of empowerment and influence.  

“There is a stubborn notion going around that only some people are cut out to be great, influential leaders. This is not true,” says Linda. “You can change any obstacle standing in your way, including your “personality” and limiting beliefs.”  

Join us with this live feed from NYC to gain insights into what particularly stands in the way for women to become awesome change-makers. Mindfulness IntelligenceŸ builds you up from the inside out, so that you become skilled with your mind and empowered to have and experience anything that is important to you. 

Linda Bjork is the Founder of Mindfulness IntelligenceŸ and Author of INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind for Leadership Success. 

Read more about the network International Women in Business (IWIB)

8 March

Free of charge
(The event is free of charge, but you need to sign up.)

Contact: Cecilia StrÄberg

Sign up no later than: 6 March
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