Stockholms Handelskammare - Network International Women in Business

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Evenemang / Network International Women in Business

Network International Women in Business

5 February
Brunnsgatan 2, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
The networking group for international women in the Stockholm area who look for an international outlook and appreciate the value of professional networking with other women!

Learn how emotional intellingence can support your business

In this modern day and age, we all have learned to be part of the rat race. We need to achieve goals, we need to have results, work hard, be part of the society we live in and we forget about our needs and the vision we have. We retreat in our comfort zone, using only the left side of our brain, being analytical and methodical. Of course, because that helps us achieve the things we want to achieve. But too often, we forget about the right side of our brain, the creativity, the joy, the connection, the attention we need to give to other people, and most of the time our children, families and friends suffer the consequences of our not being present. 

During our presentation we will tell you more about the how we can use emotional intelligence (EQ) to connect with our own hearts, with our joy and what we do in daily life to avoid this. We will explain a little bit about our experiential trainings and what it can mean in your life, in professional and private situations, and what our experience is up till now.

We will offer you information and some eye opening games/dynamics so you can experience what our trainings are like. 



Anne Slegtenhorst, Energia Positiva 

It is Anne’s vision to empower people, especially women, to take committed action of their visions and dreams without leaving it for later or 'after everything else is done’. She has a proven track record of managerial positions in both commercial and not-for-profit organisations and she has facilitated both personal and corporate seminars and workshops on different topics. The reason she chooses to work with Energia Positiva in the Netherlands are the different groups of people they train varying from doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs to people who are unemployed or even homeless. To see people grow, develop and create a new future is a miracle, no matter what their background is. 

Helen Lettinga, Energia Positiva Sweden

Last year Helen declared her vision to bring Energia Positiva to Sweden. After living in the Netherlands, London, Istanbul and now in Stockholm she has realised that it is not the circumstances but only yourself who can make your own life. She wants to inspire people to live their own unique path with their own talents and purpose. Everybody is unique and has their own life to make.

Contact Tatiana Caldas by email for more information and to sign up for this event.


Meetings are held in English at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Brunnsgatan 2, and a light breakfast is served. 

Read more about the network International Women in Business (IWIB)

5 February
Brunnsgatan 2, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
Registration: 08:00

Contact: Tatiana Caldas

Sign up no later than: 5 February
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